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All Submitter is the most complete directory submission software package on the planet
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16 November 2007

Editor's review

When you own a website, you need to post it on various web directories to get more visitors. This process often turns out to be hectic and you feel the need for something that can help you to manage this work. To alleviate such hassles you can try using AllSubmitter 4.7 for submitting your website to a large number of web directories. It makes the submission process rather easy and saves your time as it serves you with the automatic submission process. It provides the users the ability to have their own directories imported. It also enables effortless additions of directories, softwares, articles, etc while allowing the submission to be customized. It tries to provide you with all the help to get into the top 10 rankings with Google and other popular search engines. In addition it helps you to improve your sites by searching for the keywords for tracking the ranks and do so much more.

AllSubmitter 4.7 helps has a neat working process which does not take much of your time. You just need to make the some selections and get the websites submitted. On the main screen you are shown different options to start the work with. You get the features; Project Manager, Semi-automatic Submission, AllSubmitter DirectMail, DataBase (Directories), Automatic Submission, HTML Validator, Keyword Suggestion, Automatic Submission (TimeShift), HTML Optimizer, and different others. You can have the websites selected and choose the category for your website. You need to fill up the submission form, have the settings changed and make the required selections. You can perform different functions with the provided options that can be experienced by using the software.

AllSubmitter 4.7 tracks, analyzes, suggests keywords, helps in submission, and still does much more that can only be known after you use the software. Rating point of 4.5 has been assigned to it for the efficiency that it works with and the variety of options that it is compiled of.

Publisher's description

All Submitter is the most complete directory submission software package on the planet + SEO Software.
All Submitter is a
1. Semi-automated
2. Smart semi-automated ( technology)
3. Automated
4. Automated + captcha breaking
5. Automated +any captcha (manual input)
directory submission software package which allows anybody to easily submit their website to hundreds of web directories within a matter of minutes.
With AllSubmitter, you can save a lot of time because you no longer have to manually submit your site to each web directory that you encounter. In fact, you can submit to more than 1,000 directories in no more than five minutes! Does it get any better than that?
1. You can take advantage of an automatic submission process which will help you to save money and time in the long run. With All Submitter it will only take you a few minutes to submit your website to thousands of directories.
2. Users have the ability to import their own list of directories. This makes it easy to ensure that your website is being submitted to the directories of your choice.
3. Add your own custom directories, articles, soft, blogs with universal submitter. Anytime that you can customize your submissions you will definitely be ahead of the competition.
4. Best of all, All Submitter is affordable to all. Even if you are on a tight budget, it is safe to say that you can afford All Submitter software.
AllSubmitter offers many powerful tools that help you to get top 10 rankings on Google and other major search engines.
1. Find the best keywords for organic SEO and AdWords ads
2. Track your results with AllSubmitter search engine ranking checker
3. Get quick results with AllSubmitter Website Optimization Editor
4. Check the markup (HTML, XHTML...) of Web documents
5. Analyze competitors
SEO experts, business owners, and webmasters have chosen to rely on All Submitter.
When you do the same, you are guaranteed 100 percent quality results.
Version 4.7
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User comments

Softwares is useless and lots of bugs and blunders in submission.
Actual price is 179 ... for that price I get roboform to do the same job (autofill)The automatic mode is incredibly inaccurate and your finance articles will be placed in categories such as "automobiles" and such.

The support guys barely speak english and their answers are short which gives the impression they just want to get things out of the way...

I`d go with other programs such as submiteaze.....they have better support and the price is lower...
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